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30 Oct

Russian females may send messages to foreign single men for free, but if you choose to reply to these letters, you are required to pay a fee.

At least she gave me her full name and address, assuming any of it be genuine. 11 Sincerely, Ron Los Angeles, California Hello, Reading your interesting page and having had correspondence with a few FSU women during the past months I have come to the conclusion and everybody should notice it. We should pass Long way that in the end we shall understand together whether or not. I have no the home computer, because it very much Dearly for me. The general(common) area of city makes about 18 000 hectares. At us in City is of theatres, museums, houses of culture. I have learned (found out) about cost of the visa, she costs (stands) 220 dollars.Also some write things with no sense, I put an ad and someone wrote a standard reply, another saying that she was learning German to understand me (I am American). Elena contacted me after finding my ad on [email protected] Our city very small and I already have despaired to search. On streets water flows and the kids start upup The ships, sing birds, the sun shines and heats. I II hope that we with you Well we learn(find out) one another and the computer can, it is simply impossible, will help to us To find one another. Between us huge ocean, but in the ideas I by itself. Hopefully my posting on here will help someone too. I received my first letter from her on June 15, 2001 when she responded to an ad I had in Friend Finder's personals.Being a former counterintelligence agent I started investigating, although her story sounded very convincing. I to see your structure on and to decide to you to write. The nature anew is born also I II feel that the new life, ? My girlfriend has advised me To look for his(its) uniqueue In Internet. I would happily answer any questions about this to anyone. And I'll admit, at first I believed what she had to say, I had no reason not to at that point. Then in her 6th letter, she told me how much she loved me and wanted me to be her husband.It cost them every time they use the computer, so make them spend some of it.And of course turn them into the authorities mentioned on this site, and stop their accounts at Western Union for sure. When I began to correspond(meet) (correspond)(meet) with you, I had it, that hope, that in us with you everyone will be good.From what I've read in this site, it cost these people money every time they download a picture if they are using the Internet Cafe. So guys, when you send them a picture, send the biggest damn picture you can make.Continue to lead them on for awhile before letting them know what you are doing.Medicines are expensive in Ukraine, life is hard, money are needed for mom to take care of mom. I confess that I can laugh about me, especially as this is not the first time. I think that appearance not most important, but it is very interesting to me to see yours Photo. I has said her, that today I write the letter person from America. I have received from you the letter and the life for me was filled with sense.I only think about the next serious friends, while hoping to avoid them a loss of money, a loss of time, an illusion, a disappointment. And higher education on a speciality economy and marketing. She has said what is it well, but it is impossible to trust at once. To write to you the letters I while I shall use a translation program. If something to you will not be understandable, say to me about it. Of Magadan is located at coast Ohotskoe of the sea on an isthmus between continent and By peninsula Starizkyi. I begin To understand that my life it is not meaningful without you, because I like you, Spoke with my parents about that that probably I shall leave in America, they only Were glad for me, mother blessed me, she thinks what is it and there is mine Happiness.So be careful guys, realize what your emotions are going through before falling for any girl, scammer or not.I finally got tired of writing to her when they became boring with these stupid poems she said she wrote, and there were no more pictures coming.