100 dating site vegetarian

28 Aug

I'm loving, generous, witty, funny, charming, yet honest to a fault.I'm healthy - no drugs or smoking, yet love to have fun.I have several business ideas that I know are quite viable - but I want to involve veggie people - not just throw them out & put more meat on someone's BBQ ...I also have a creative side, musically speaking; I love playing rhythm guitar, bass, and a bit of keyboard & I love listening to many types of music.I don't think or practice that spiritual like needs to be or should be dull or painful. i paint just about anything that will hold still long enough. I'm very down to earth, emotionally and intellectually open, caring about the environment, our future and that of future generations - the well being of our world.

I love kids, am perfectly capable of acting like one, and have a well developed sense of humor I'm emotionally literate, passionate about personal growth, and am striving to make a difference in the world.

Being healthy both physically and spiritually is an important part of my values. Though I am super positive, and full of good karma, generous and caring, I am not PC, I say what's on my mind, but not in an abrasive grouchy way - like I said, I'm funny and intelligent, and can be considered provocative at times, but I'm really nice and playful :). Essentially I am very aware, genuine and full of substance. I love simply being engaged in interesting and intelligent conversation. (on purpose) My fav was projectionist at an arthouse cinema for seven years. I love the thrill of traveling and being in a new place and trying new things-I'm usually up for an adventure whether that's skydiving, hiking, a concert, a new vegan restaurant...

I'm always up for travel or exploring the simple beauties around the corner or across an ocean. I could keep you engaged for hours, I am passionate about many topicsand love to discover people's stories. I am planning on relocating for work sometime this year.

I approach outlandish claims skeptically at first but I am definitely not a 'doubter' as far as ESP and all related goes... I don't like to hurt plants so I mostly eat what I believe has wounded as few plants as possible. I am passionate, adventurous, conscious, aware, caring - I live life with passion.

I have been experiencing much synchronicity in my life lately, as well as premonitions, I take that as a sign I am on the right track ~ I consider myself to be thoughtful and caring of others. I don't seem to grow much hair on my head so I chomp it all down to almost nothing. I love getting compliments for my youthful appearance and energetic lifestyle which I credit to eating the right food I’ve only been vegan for three years. Creating, collaborating, music, cooking, learning and sharing experiences are what I love most.