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2 billion-year-old fossils in Nash Fork formation, west of Laramie Archean stromatolite microfossils - Schopf. Stromatolites: interaction of microbes with sediments - 2011 - 3/25/11Titin folding and unfolding - illustrations and animation of action Titin in human myocardial cell sarcomeres Cardiac muscle titin: a 3-element molecular spring Molecular ultrastructure of titin elasticity Tampering With Springs: Phosphorylation of Titin Affecting the Mechanical Function of Cardiomyocytes - - Jan.2016 Biophysics in the Big Easy - Biophysical Society - 61st annual meeting in New Orleans - Feb.Unhappy and homesick Charlotta and her two sons moved back to Leipzig two years later.Gruentzig and his brother Johannes entered high school at the Thomasschule zu Leipzig.In 1967, he departed for a six-month paid fellowship to study epidemiology at the University of London School of Hygiene. Early in 1968 he left for a six-month assistant doctor's job in Darmstadt at the Max Ratschow Clinic.In November 1969, Gruentzig and his future wife Michaela moved to Zurich where he worked in the department of Angiology at the University Hospital of Zurich.

“Hippocrates first gave the physician an independent standing, separating him from the cosmological speculator. He did with medical thought what Socrates did with thought in general—he “brought it down from heaven to earth. And what he observed was that the human organism, when exposed to certain abnormal conditions — certain stresses — tends to behave in a certain way: that in other words, each “disease” tends to run a certain definite course.Blossoms and Bees *** external links: Sun - NASA video Solar anatomy Photosynthesis - excellent short video - molecular biology of light capture Mitochondria - excellent 2 min instructional video Mitochondria - aesthetics ...Harvard Bio Visions 2 min video Metabolic pathways - Roche Boehringer-Mannheim Biochemical Pathways - Jim Tew - 34 full-length videos Extensive collection of excellent honeybee videos and images - ARKIVEHOBOS: HOney Bee Online Studies website - Jurgen Tautz The Life of the Bee - 1901 - complete text - Maurice Maeterlinck Hivemind of King Saud U.- extensive beekeeping links - 7/12/79 The early development of cardiology in Zurich: a personal account [part II - development of angioplasty]Geschichte der interventionelllen Kardiologie: die Entwicklung in der Schweiz*Interviews with those present at first PTCA, including - link to 7-min.video *** "Grand Rounds with Andreas Gruentzig": 5 minute video - Dr.Gruentzig graduated from the Thomasschule in 1957 with highest honors.In 1956, his brother Johannes fled across the border to Hanover. Gruentzig studied at Bunsen Gymnasium while his brother enrolled as a medical student at Heidelberg University.5 *** - 1869 - initial expedition down the Colorado into the Grand Canyon *** Grand Canyon Guide no.6 *** - description of Grand Canyon sedimentary layers external links: Grand Canyon Explorer - Geology of the Canyon - Bob Ribokas Grand Canyon: erosion and formation over time - Wayne Ranney The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles - images: relics of a world before nuclei ... or chloroplasts external links: Archean Wyoming Craton ...The emblem of Aesculapius, familiar in medical symbolism at the present day, was a staff with a serpent coiled round it, the animal typifying wisdom in general, and more particularly the wisdom of the medicine-man, with his semi-miraculous powers over life and death.“The temples of Aesculapius were scattered over the ancient Hellenic world. The treatment, which was in the hands of an hereditary priesthood, combined the best of the methods carried on at our present-day health-resorts, our hydropathics, sanatoriums, and nursing-homes.