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06 Feb

As we were strolling and nibbling on our melon pan, we saw another queue for Senbei, a type of Japanese rice crackers. However, we ended up at another sushi joint instead because Sushi Dai placed a sign “Unfortunately, we cannot accept any more customers for the day.” at the end of the long snaking queue. The hubs had included Ueno Park in our itinerary because he thought that it would be nice to sit and have a picnic, while admiring the blooming cherry blossoms around us.

However, the reality was, there was only ONE cherry blossom tree (the one in this photo) and everyone was queuing to take a photo with it. We spent some time walking around Ueno Park, which is a large public park next to Ueno Station. Little misschewy was so happy that she could finally be out of the Tula for awhile 🙂 We saw another cherry blossom tree as we were leaving Ueno Park!

A visit to Japan in the month of March this year was perfect – cold weather and cherry blossoms!

This time, we decided to venture a little bit further and made Japan the holiday destination of our choice!

Something worth considering if you are planning a trip to Japan!

We didn’t consider the Airport Limousine Bus because the time taken to reach Tokyo is much longer and is subjected to traffic conditions.

You should use the ladle to pour some water into your hands to rinse your mouth before spitting the water at the side of the fountain.

Not surprisingly, there was a queue to enter the temple as worshippers took their time to pray fervently.