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14 Nov

"The 78-year old pastor general said he had felt tired and run down earlier in the week, but felt he needed to push through to deliver the sermon, which focused on new revelation from Ezekiel. Flurry struggled with a weakened voice when taping an episode of the television program on Wednesday.

"The pastor general said he will continue to rest through the coming week and is looking forward to returning to full broadcasting and writing duties as soon as possible." --Anonymous Heartache From an Institution Promoting Family!

Looking back now with a more sane mind I realize that I put HWA on a level that only Christ should occupy.

I was one of the sound men for the Northeast region FOT and our local congregation since 1997 until 2006.

I have a personal interest as our family was once very involved in the PCG.

Serving as a deacon and deaconess with our children participating in everything from camp to AC students until our family--like so many others--was torn apart. I think about all the literature that PCG has produced about "shepherds scattering the flock" and how they are the only hope.

With suspensions, marking, and the "cut off" policy, we still have two children (over 21) in the PCG that have not spoken to us (parents and siblings) for over 3 1/2 years. How can they possibly not realize that they have also done these very things!!

Ministers giving opposing advice, then demanding that you not talk to another so these discrepancies won't be uncovered. " What happened to Gerald Flurry's "open door policy"?

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How will they backtrack to explain the "eras" and "passing of the baton" then?There was a girl around 10 years old named Alicia Flory who died horribly of a virulent viral infection around 2000.She and her parents attended the Cincinnati area congregation.Someone at ESN was kind enough to email me and that put the nail in the coffin of the "cult of Armstrong" as far as I am concerned.It sickens me to think I put a sexually immoral, thieving pervert on such a high pedestal.--[name withheld] I Realized Something Was Very, Very Wrong With PCG January 15, 2014 I stopped attending PCG last year before the FOT.I have not been suspended or marked but have come to the conclusion that the PCG is a false "church" lead by a man who is a religious fraud.Stephen Flurry's tells how the WCG stole the goods produced on the backs of tithe payers.What about all the money given to build PCG's college and auditorium and houses on the grounds?Listening to them years later, with a critical ear, I have picked up many compromises and un-truth's. I have been putting all the cassette sermons which I had of him on to mp3 format.(I did not destroy or return the cassettes as instructed in the late 90s early 2000s.) Thank you so much for the work you are doing.