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08 Feb

Ani attained the peak of its power during the long reign of King Gagik I (989–1020).

The Georgians captured Ani five times between 11: Zakare's new dynasty—the Zakarids—considered themselves to be the successors to the Bagratids.

However, in 1046 Ani surrendered to the Byzantines, Ani did not lie along any previously important trade routes, but because of its size, power, and wealth it became an important trading hub.

Its primary trading partners were the Byzantine Empire, the Persian Empire, the Arabs, as well as smaller nations in southern Russia and Central Asia.

In 1918, during the latter stages of World War I, the armies of the Ottoman Empire were fighting their way across the territory of the newly declared Republic of Armenia, capturing Kars in April 1918.

At Ani, attempts were made to evacuate the artifacts contained in the museum as Turkish soldiers were approaching the site.