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06 Feb

If you have users around the world, not all them will use the same type of clock.

You can display formatted dates for different countries with this Javascript Date Library.Information evolves over time like a living organism.What’s relevant this year might not hold as much weight a few years from now.These content will hold utility in the future when users need to reference them.Use absolute timestamps when users can go back and make use of past content.But most people in 24-hour countries are so used to both systems that they have no problem switching between the two (source).Because of this, you should display your times in 12-hour clock as the default.The benefit of absolute timestamps over relative ones is that they offer a precise date and time.But dates and times are hard to interpret because not all users live in the same timezone or country.That’s why it’s important to append timestamps to your content.But if you don’t display your timestamps in the right format users could have trouble using them.