Accommodating relationship in workplace Adult chat rooms for new zealanders

15 Sep

If you choose work and the work group over the wishes of a friend, as eventually and inevitably you must, the friend will feel betrayed.

Sooner or later you must decide against, disappoint, criticize, discipline, demote, or even fire someone who works for you.

Friends accept each other as they are Friends don’t actively evaluate and try to change each other.

They certainly don’t make their friendship contingent on such change.

As a manager, all your relationships should be bounded and defined.

They’re not about liking, chemistry, or personality.

Friends are equals Bosses and direct reports are not equals inside the organization.

Even if the boss keeps her stick of authority hidden most of the time, she will still need to use it on occasion in ways that may not please her subordinates.

Not many friendships can survive such status inequality when that happens.

Yet an effective manager must constantly assess his people’s performance and abilities and press them to develop and change.

Such benevolent but real pressure is an important, unavoidable part of managing.