Adding or consolidating call centers

24 Dec

With increasing competition, expanding globalization and demanding customers, the playing field in the service Lean call center (SCC) industry has changed rapidly, as phone banks have evolved into multichannel contact centers.Many organizations have realized that the key for survival is efficiency and effectiveness, with a focus on productivity and customer experience.Capture the voice of customer (VOC) – Obtaining feedback helps practitioners understand the pain areas of internal and external customers, and also for setting expectations.VOC can also be used for identifying the stakeholders affected by the problem.2.Define the problem statement – This process provides a map for baseline processes and metrics associated with the problem.Defining the problem also helps process improvement teams calculate the expected cost savings from the Lean improvement project.3.Typically AHT begins the moment the customer initiates the call and includes talk time, hold time and related tasks that follow the transaction.

The productivity of a voice-based SCC is measured in terms of (AHT), which is the average time it takes for a service representative to resolve a customer query, request or complaint, measured in minutes or seconds.The shorter calls also improve the customer satisfaction and reduce the number of repeat calls by providing only valuable information to the Customers.To launch a successful Lean program in typical voice-based SCC environment, be sure to follow these five steps:1.Lean techniques, which focus on waste elimination, have provided large-scale benefits to manufacturing industries.However, the Lean approach also can help SCCs map their value streams, standardize operational processes and drive continuous improvement on the floor.Map the value stream – This exercise takes into account all the touch points of the process that add value to the processes and systems, starting from the suppliers and ending at the customer.(VSM) is a strategic improvement and planning tool that can help identify and measure waste in an inbound or outbound call.Similarly, to minimize measurement errors, it is important to implement measurement system analysis in the study, such as gage R&R, a statistical approach that can help measure the amount of variation in the measurement system.5.Eliminate waste – This can be accomplished by implementing an improvement action plan.The time accounting to these NVAs increases the AHT.CSVSM can be used as the basis for identifying the improvement opportunities with a view of reducing the wastes over time.