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Tagged as: popeyes complaints, popeyes corporate address, popeyes corporate headquarters, popeyes corporate office, popeyes corporate office address, popeyes corporate office email, popeyes corporate office fax, popeyes corporate office phone, popeyes corporate office phone number, popeyes customer complaint desk, popeyes customer complaints, popeyes head office, popeyes headquarters, popeyes home office, popeyes main office The best chicken in all of the USA, so why all of a sudden small pieces? Please give us chicken pieces like you did in the beginning and how about another Pop Eyes in each end of Town, Perrysbutg, Maumee, Sylvania and the East Side of Toledo…what a welcoming site that would be…. Reply I WENT TO POPEYES YESTERDAY EVENING, I STOOD AT THE COUNTER FOR CLOSE TO 15 MINUTES BEFORE ANYONE WOULD TAKE MY ORDER, THE PLACE WAS FULL OF EMPLOYEES TALKING AND STANDING AROUND, BUT DIDN’T WAIT ON ME, THEN SOMEONE TOOK MY ORDER, AND I WAITED OVER 30 MINUTES AND IT STILL WAS NOT READY, AT THAT POINT I GOT A REFUND AND LEFT, BUT ON TOP OF ALL THAT THE MANAGER SAID HE WAS SORRY WITH VERY LITTLE FEELING, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE IF HE WAS SINCERE AND OFFERED ME A SODA OR SOMETHING WHILE I WAITED, BUT HE DIDN’T REALLY CARE #12294 10545 PAGE AVE GENERAL MANAGER CHRIS NAVA Reply Wow. Customer is always right, make the customer happy, or you will have no customer. If there is no Quality Control on the product, filling orders, dealing with customers, being polite, timely in response to problem resolving, you will be out of business soon. The employee at the window took my money no reciept back then hands me my coke and the box didn’t say a word to me I sat there for a long time no straw finally got tbat then went home to eat no napkin or silverware the 2 sides weren’t even half full and chicken leg was so small.

How disappointed to drive from one end of town to the only Pop Eyes in Toledo, Ohio and find the chicken extremely small pieces….exactly one bite from each piece of thigh! I was hoping to have a response right away to my complaint, but it appears Popeye’s feels no compunction to handle their customer service problems. I was treated like dirt at the window, on the phone, and now by corporate. The employee was the rudiest I have seen in a long time.

This is a good thing (with the exception of maybe too good and me gaining too much WEIGHT lol) Anwya I just want to make sure I posted this was handled in a VERY timely manner and I am VERY appreciative of the outcome!

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I visited the location on Frederick Rd in Germantown, MD.they won’t even cut a check or offer a cash payout to go set up a bank account… how can this be resolved for all employees concerned…I would like some feed back or some type of answer back from anyone in corporate or otherwise…sincerely an unsatisfied emplyee… I called and spoke to Alfonso all he could do is say I’m sorry you can come back and I’ll fix it. Then I had to ASK for some type of compensation for having to drive all the way back, I asked for another small fry because my fries were actually cold although I didn’t complain originally and a small drink for my time and the inconsideration.she came out and tasted it and told me” no it was not”. I drank unsweetened tea every shift, I drank Popeye’s tea every time I have been there.Today it was sour-Bitter-disgusting pick which ever adjective you wish.For your associate to tell me I am wrong, please I wasn’t asking her opinion but telling her mine. Reply Well to start it seems bad experience with popeyes happens everywhere for both patrons and employees…You should put up a notice “We do not care about the quality of our food, so do not tell us when something is wrong.” restaurant #11139, rt 73, maple shade, nj I tried going through your tell popeyes web site and every time I got to the part where I put in that I was highly dissatisfied I was knocked out of the survey. Corporate has it all wrong with relations with all in the business world…You can call them to let them know because they never answer the phone. They alw Ys have an attitude as if we are bothering them. Reply I am over it -every time I visit the Popeye’s on Cedar Rd in Chesapeake VA-when a special is running – this store is always out.I visited Popeye’s last evening around I ordered the wicked chicken -the clerk responded I am sorry but we are out of the wicked chicken. I burn my gas with a hope that this time wouldn’t be like all others – once again I leave disappointed.Although I LOVE Popeyes Chicken I have avoided this place more than I visit because of bad customer service.However, as a former Customer Service Manager with many different companies, Raj’s Outlook was very welcoming and reassuring!!!