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02 Jan want to party on the mountain: Heavenly It’s not one of the world’s best party mountains because people finish their runs and go straight back up to the top.

The gondola sits right in the heart of South Lake, so any and all party people on the slopes during the day are gonna be here. want to bar hop on the water: Lake Tahoe Boat Tours They'll drive you to Tahoe’s top waterfront bars, all day long.’d like to drink for free while possibly losing your house: Any of the casinos.

If there's fresh powder, it pretty much feels like a bus ride to the North Pole.’re all about the snowboarding: Depends On the South Shore, you’ll want to hit Sierra at Tahoe, whose terrain park was designed by the guys behind the Winter X Games, Snow Park Technologies.’ve got both experts, and people from Florida: Sierra at Tahoe Just south of the South Shore, Sa T has big, long easy runs (with a bar at the bottom!

If you want a condo right next to the gondola: Squaw Valley Resort Like "roll out of bed, put on your skis, and be on the top of the mountain in five minutes" close.

Just remember, it’s a mountain lake that would freeze if temps got colder. don’t happen to be on THAT mountain: Couple of options Most of the big resorts have bars chock full of women who came to ski one green run and then party.If you’re looking to ski, the good snow typically doesn’t get to town until January but sticks around until late March.December isn't bad but it’s still early in the season, so: a) the snow might not be the best; and b) there won’t be nearly as many people there to party with.High Camp at Squaw Valley has a lagoon, hot tub, and waterfalls.7800' at Kirkwood has a great scene after about 2pm.There are resorts with parking lots that are further away.If you’ve got a big group: Rent a house Some might tell you this is the best option no matter what, but in a town with more cops than taxis, being close to where you party is want a private party: Rent a yacht Bleu Wave, Safari Rose, and the Party Boat are your best options.They come fully equipped with staff, bars, food, and a “support beam" that easily doubles as a stripper pole.Except the beach is a lot smaller and the water is 68 degrees.So really nothing like Spring Break in Florida, except people will line the beach playing beer pong, flip cup, and generally doing the things that result from said games on a beach.