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23 Dec

Instead, the theater was converted to a Rite Aid drugstore—which closed in 2009—and then to a Spirit Halloween superstore.

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It closed in the mid-1980s because of a never-implemented plan to turn the structure into a triplex.The swamp, an area where the Americans hid from British in the American Revolutionary War, was originally circumscribed by a "Juniper Round Swamp Road".In 1920, the area was renamed "Juniper Valley" as part of a revitalization project.The area was settled around 1816 by people of English descent and was named in the early nineteenth century for its location as the midpoint between the then-towns of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Jamaica, Queens, on the Williamsburgh and Jamaica Turnpike (now Metropolitan Avenue), which opened in 1816.It was generally sparsely populated because the large Juniper Swamp was in the area.In 1888, Schumacher was dead and his wife, Catharina Sutter, sold the building and the business to John Niederstein, a German cook.Niederstein built 32 rooms with two wings and operated the lodge as a hotel.Hispanic or Latino of any race were 15.8% (6,004) of the population.The neighborhood has been historically relatively safe. French Company was acquired by the Turner-Armour Company, which was in turn acquired by the Western Electric Company, Western Electric continued to operate the plant and make telephone booths for AT&T.The two-story art deco building is notable for imposing gargoyles and finely chiseled faces on its roof.Niederstein's, a renowned local restaurant, was located at 69-16 Metropolitan Avenue until it was demolished in 2005.