Adult dating mormons

03 Sep

When I was dating I found that it was much more helpful to write a list of things I would NOT put up with than a list of characteristics I wanted in a spouse.You can get along with many kinds of people and you can be attracted to lots of different looks.Do not get into a pattern of trying to fix or change the other person.Encourage them to get the help needed to feel better but do not take these problems on as your own.

We will always try our hardest to show you how much we love and care about you!!

I would suggest that all of you out there that are dating make similar lists.

Be thoughtful about what your priorities are, and have the strength to end something if you see red flags or signs that the relationship is not healthy.

All the experience you get while dating can be used to your advantage if you try to look for the lessons in each relationship.

It is helpful to be mindful of what type of relationship you want to build and to have bottom lines for yourself when dating.