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21 Oct

In one of the video's scenarios, a victim learns about the sexual assault forensic examination process, the role of a victim's advocate, and students’ Title IX rights from SART Cheryl Ann Graf, ARNP ().This scenario illuminates the unique challenges victims face and thesometimes-divergent priorities of advocates and educational institutions to respond justly, effectively, and compassionately to sexual assault in the school setting.These include model curricula, resources for prevention of teen-dating violence and additional resources for capacity-building and support.Healthy Teen Relationship Act - Local School District Toolkit Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School!

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15-16 (1998) aff’d w/o opinion 163 Or App 416 (Oct. This ground “means disobedience of a direct order or unwillingness to submit to authority” and “requires a defiant intention on the part of the teacher.” North Clackamas School District v. 20 (1998) This ground has a built in limitation in that the “requirements” must come from the school board, not simply from the superintendent or other supervisory personnel. This ground refers to the application of standards enforced by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, which grants licenses. In the next case, a teacher’s “attempt to get one of her educational assistants to give a false account of facts” was true and substantiated. The Panel relied upon statutory duties imposed on teachers concerning special instructions to students on the effects of drug use. Similar to the lengthy appellate history of Ross (addressing “immorality”) the statutory term “neglect of duty” was extensively appealed. In Kari, the appellant was charged with “failure to take appropriate measures in response to her husband’s use of the family home for marijuana sales”. This ground had been defined as [1] the “failure to perform job duties in conformance with district standards or requirements, where the teacher has been given notice of deficiencies and opportunity to correct * * * and where the failure is a repeated or otherwise substantial failure * * * or [2] the failure to perform results in some substantial detriment to the district.” Packard v. 509-J, FDA 88-6, 102 Or App 83 (1990), 311 Or 389 (1991), Order on remand (1991), aff’d on second appeal, 120 Or App 99 (1993) rev denied 318 Or 25 (1993). 509J, FDA 88-6 (full cite under neglect of duty discussion, infra). The Supreme Court twice struck down panel orders for failure in “interpreting and giving content to the legislature’s standards.” Ross, supra, 300 Or at p. The final FDAB panel decision construed the statutory term as applying to sexual activity that violated the rights or endangered the welfare of a participant other than a consenting adult, or intimate sexual activity performed in a location without a reasonable expectation of privacy. 56 Or App 197, reversed and remanded 294 Or 357, On remand aff’d 71 Or App 111 and reversed and remanded 300 Or 507 (1986). The panel held this was “selfish conduct and constituted intentional disregard of the rights of the assistant and the school district” and met the statutory ground of immorality. 1 in 11 adolescents reports being a victim of physical violence in a dating relationship.Unfortunately teens are more likely than adults to be confused about appropriate behavior in their intimate relationships, often minimizing physical and emotional violence, and confusing jealousy and possessiveness with expressions of love.