Advice on dating a man going through a divorce

07 Nov

Filing for a divorce means that a marriage has already broken up, whether or not the court has stamped its legal approval on the sundering.

While dating a man going through a divorce is not wrong in itself, circumstances surrounding the legal process often have a bearing and you need to be aware of all this if you are dating a guy who is going through a divorce.

This is so that one can get back to a normal social life while the legal process of divorce follows its own course.

It is the initiation of the legal process of divorce or rather the beginning of the end.

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Know where you stand legally The primary source of moral discomfort about dating a man going through a divorce is because of the ambiguity of his marital position.

If you are dating someone going through a divorce, you may find yourself in a delicate situation filled with questions and new experiences, such as wondering if your date is ready for a serious relationship and handling an ex-spouse and children.

You may wonder how much to bring up the past, how to pace dating and how to view his/her previous marriage.