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18 Oct

Aired 10-11p ET • President Trump Pardons Conservative Pundit, May Pardon Martha Stewart and Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich; Washington Post: Prosecutors Interview Comey As They Investigate Whether His Former Deputy Mc Cabe Should Be Charged; Samantha Bee's Vulgar Remark About Ivanka Trump Sparks Backlash; Claims Of A "Spy" Inside Trump Campaign Remain Unproven; Conspiracy Theory Fanned By Pres.Trump His Allies Debunked; Survey: Hurricane Maria Killed 4,600 People In Puerto Rico; Trump Silent On Estimated 4,600 Deaths In Puerto Rico.Aired on 8-9p ET • Exclusive: Kim Kardashian West Talks to CNN About the Commuted Sentence for Alice Marie Johnson; First Lady Melania Trump's Office Fires Back at Rudy Giuliani Over His Remarks About Stormy Daniels; President Trump Escalates War of Words with Allies.Aired on 8-9p ET • Alice Marie Johnson, Daughter Reunited for First Time Following Her Release form Prison After President Trump Commutes Her Sentence; Former Fox News Analyst Speaks Out; New Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Alleges Her Ex-Lawyer, Trump Attorney Michael Cohen "Colluded" to Manipulate Her, Benefit Trump.Trump Asked Sessions To Retain Control Of Russia Probe After His Recusal, Mueller Team Investigating; Spygate Debunked By GOP representative Gowdy: "The FBI did Exactly What My Fellow Citizens Would Want Them To Do." Aired 9-10p ET • NSC Confirms Talks Back On With North Korea; President Waffles on Canceling North Korea Summit; President Escalates Misinformation Campaign against FBI; Frustration Growing Between President and DHS Secretary; Harvey Weinstein Charged with Rape and Sex Abuse in cases Involving 2 Women.

Aired on 8-9p ET • President Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh To Supreme Court; Federal Judge Rejects Trump Administration Bid To Alter Rules On Detaining Minors; Thailand Rescue Operation.Aired on 8-9p ET • Trump's Pledge to Stop "Provocative" Military Exercises, Provokes Alarm and Confusion in Seoul and Washington; President Trump to Senator Graham: We Had A Good Initial Meeting with Kim Jong Un; Interview With Sen.Lindsey Graham; Judge Rules In Favor of AT&T/Time Warner Merger; Puerto Rico Ordered to Release Death Records to CNN.Aired 8-9p ET • Scandal-Plagued Pruitt Resigns As EPA Administrator; Pres. Aired 9-10p ET • Cohen: Loyalty is to Family & Country Before President Trump; CNN: U. Intel Agency Believes Kim Jong Un Won't Fully Denuclearize; Some Democrats Call for Abolishing or Overhauling ICE. Trump Tweets Again on False Claims That Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower Phones.Aired on 8-9p ET • Trump To Announce Supreme Court Pick; Trump Claims He Has Respect For The Press; Prank Call To President; Keeping Them Honest; Remembering The Victims; President Trump Again Blames President Obama for Crimea Annexation; President Trump on Putin Summit: We Will Talk About Ukraine, Syria and Election Tampering; Comedian Pretends To Be U. Aired on 8-9p ET • Families Still Separated at the Border; First Lady's Wardrobe Raises Questions; NY Times: Tense Argument at the White House as Government Officials Clash Over How to Address Migrant Families. BUY GIRL SCOUT COOKIES, BUBA-KUSH, AK-47, PURPLE HAZE, BLUE DREAM, AFGHAN KUSH, GRAND DADDY STRAINS CALL AT 1(720)663-0187 NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED AND OVERNIGHT DELIVERY AVAILABLE Whats-App . Political posts and posts insulting other posters will be removed.Aired 9-10p ET • Giuliani Assumes President Trump Ordered Emmet Flood to Attend Briefings; Special Counsel and Trump's Lawyers Discussed January Date for Presidential Interview with Mueller.Aired on 8-9p ET • White House: DOJ-House GOP Meeting Will Go On As Planned Tomorrow, Bipartisan Meeting Slated for After Memorial Day Recess; Lawyer To CNN: Jared Kushner Questioned by Special Counsel for Seven Hours about Russian Collusion, Foreign Contacts, Comey Firing; Man Hit by Lava Bomb in Hawaii; Trump Administration Wants More High-Level Talks, Assurances From Kim Jong-un Before Planned Summit Next Month.Aired on 8-9p ET • Trump Receives Kim Jong-Un's Envoy with Letter; Trump: June 12 Summit with Kim Jong-Un Back On; President Trump's Double Standards; MSNBC Anchor Joy Reid Apologizes For Blog Posts, Network Says Some Were 'Obviously Hateful And Hurtful'; Inside An Immigration Detention Center Where Mothers Desperately Want To Be Reunited With Their Children; "Parts Unknown" In Hong Kong Sunday At 9PM ET.Aired 8-9p ET • President Trump Pardon Dinesh D'Souza; Double Standard in all Angles of Politics and the Media; Trump Contradicts Himself Says Comey Firing Unrelated To Russia.