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20 Sep

So many of these young actors grew up on the set of "Harry Potter" and got to learn and be inspired by Alan Rickman, a classically trained and renowned actor of both the screen and stage.

They spent nearly a decade under his example and that makes their reactions all the more emotional. I feel so lucky to have worked and spent time with such a special man and actor.

I feel so lucky to have worked and spent time with such a special man and actor.

Newly released letters from Alan Rickman’s personal collection have revealed the actor’s “frustrations” playing the character Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies.

The Wizarding World and the muggle world lost a great man today.

In his post, Radcliffe calls Rickman "undoubtedly one of the greatest actors I will ever work with" and remembers his late co-star as "one of the first of the adults on Potter to treat me like a peer rather than a child." Radcliffe first starred in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with Rickman when he was just 11 years old, and worked closely with him on all eight Potter films.

Following news of his death, the actress commemorated him with an image on her Twitter account that featured Rickman's face overlaid with his quotation from March 2015 that expressed his strongly-held feminist beliefs.

Another user wrote: "He's not even cold and you're using him to fuel the feminist agenda bandwagon?

Not impressed." Watson has been a long-time target for the anti-feminist community, with attacks ramping up after she became a Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women and advocate for the He For She campaign that promotes gender equality.

However, many fans came out in support of the 25-year-old following the backlash.