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19 Oct

Even after he’s mobile, he can’t find the energy to put on a shirt, and I try to figure out who he reminds me of until I realize the answer: myself, the last time I went through a breakup.Teresa seems to think that this year they’re not going “big” and that this is an opportunity to teach the girls about how the holiday isn’t “just about material things,” but I do feel like that message gets lost somewhere among the bedazzled Uggs, the smartphones, the drum kit, and the miniature Mercedes.But no, Lebanese Jon Lovitz and Lebanese Jon Lovitz Jr. is the sea bass) are waiting over at Kathy’s, and so the Gorgas pack up their little ones to leave before the kids have even gotten a chance to take off their newsboy caps and berets!But before they’re out the door, Joe’s dad beret-s Melissa for not having been home the three times he dropped by without calling, like all of a sudden he thinks he’s the Italian Kris Kardashian.

The mansions twinkle with disconcertingly tasteful lights; the plastic Baby Jeeeeesus rests in his manger, no gold-plated crib for a bed.It’s weird to discover that a woman who gets paid to dispense her wisdom has never heard of ring resizing, but I guess she’s strictly a relationship savant.Then the Manzo clan joins up later that evening to attend the dinner hall concert of Billy Joel progeny Alexa Ray.At Caroline’s house, she’s been so busy stirring the traditional olive sauce that the only fancying up she had time to do was put on a bra.Keeping another tradition alive, Christopher Manzo has sneaked outside to ring jingle bells in an attempt to fool little C. being “too freakin’ smart,” but it’s more that the kid has “two freakin’ eyes” and that Christopher’s hiding job by the deck is “too freakin’ boneheaded.” The big news of the night is that Caroline wants to invite the Gorgas to the Brownstone New Year’s party because she just can’t get enough of Joe — he reminds her of Christopher, “so full of life and happiness” and doubtless full of some “poison” too.We pick back up again at Teresa’s on Christmas Eve, with Teresa trying to passive-aggressively goad Joe Gorga into ditching Kathy and staying for dinner.She shows her brother his place setting at the table, and you can see on his face that yeah, he kind of wishes he could stay a while, drunkenly snap, and get that fine china jumping with his fists.J., but this kid’s as sharp as Melania Giudice and he’s not falling for that Santa bullshit either. But she’s still on the fence about Kathy and LJL, who, according to Albie, is more of a LJG (Lebonese Jeff Goldblum).While she mulls this weighty decision, she and Albert give the kids their diamond family bracelets, the fire of the stones so intense that they sear the name MANZO into the bottommost layer of flesh.It’s all very sweet, even if I have the sinking feeling that the computer represents maaaaaybe two weeks of unloading the dishwasher.Still, that’s better than the zero weeks of allowance Ashley put into buying her mom nothing for Christmas after sending her a bouquet of nothing for Mother’s Day (before you judge too harshly, you have to understand that Ashley “spent a lot of money” on her Jeep that was bought and insured for her).