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24 Sep

The results obtained are substantially higher than international benchmarks currently used to determine the cost effectiveness of health care interventions.

The new VSLY estimates may support the assessment of medical interventions.

Microproteins essential for cancer growth Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women worldwide.

In order to develop new therapies, it is necessary to understand exactly how breast cancer cells function.

In a large international network, in which numerous DKFZ researchers were also involved, scientists have now combined genome-wide association studies with an estimation of the gene activity.

But now scientists at the German Cancer Research Center have found an additional parasite strategy to escape the immune system: They confuse the defense system with sugar.

This finding opens new insights into cancer development and progression and it also suggests that rethinking antitumor immunotherapy is required.

Most diabetes medications do not attack the cause of the disease.

In this study, the researchers discovered a previously unnoticed characteristic of antibodies against the malaria parasite: They can cooperate with each other, thus binding even stronger to the pathogens and improving the immune response.

The results, now published in Science, are expected to help develop a more effective vaccine against the disease.