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29 Feb

Nothing bad, no, the teacher did not use foul language, but he did attack and accuse my son of a few things. Two, the class room syllabus was sent to me, and could have been as confusing to me as it was to my child, if I did not read it correctly. Remove my child from this class at the end of the year and let him start another one in a different field in January, that has nothing to do with the class he is in now. So, my final email communication was not so nice, but in a sincere way. It’s his responsibility to provide an atmosphere to his students, equally, that helps them all excel. It is his responsibility to notify me that my son is failing, not before the end of the year, but months before.

The classes that were suggested for my son to transfer to? and a few others; however, I suggested Yoga for the teacher also, since he clearly needs to meditate on how he is teaching his students, or not teaching them.

Indiana also took Victoria Vivians with the eighth pick, giving coach Pokey Chatman a strong young core to build around.

The Chicago Sky took Diamond De Shields, who spent the season playing professionally in Turkey, and Gabby Williams of Connecticut with the next two picks."I'm excited to see what we can do," De Shields said.

Pam Mc Gee, Imani Mc Gee-Stafford and Ja Vale Mc Gee were the first mother-daughter-son to be taken in the opening round when Mc Gee-Stafford was drafted with the 10th pick in 2016.Los Angeles drafted 19-year-old Russian star Maria Vadeeva with the 11th pick.She's the first foreign player who didn't play at an American college to be taken in the first round since 2012.As I am reading the communication, I am becoming more and more horrified by what the teacher is writing. Also, an allegation was; my son sat and stared into space for a week before starting a project. how, may I ask you, does a 14-year-old who still thinks in the abstract, going to be capable of understanding this?Not about my son, but the actual language he is using in reference to my child. Plagiarism, by definition, an academic standard set by Ivy League schools, based on ethics, not law. Is that not the teachers responsibility to provide a clear and realistic definition of what is expected of my child? why am I now just being informed of my child’s situation in this class room? This is the solution our academic institute came up with?My son would out do him in this class, since clearly he is capable of sitting and staring into space for a week.South Carolina's A'ja Wilson is congratulated by family after being selected as the No.My son has always struggled with school, and academics.It’s not that he is lacking in the brains department, he has no major life traumas to use as excuses to define his behavior or lack of interest.(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson) NEW YORK (AP) -- A'ja Wilson is thrilled for the chance to head to Las Vegas. 1 pick in the WNBA draft by the Aces on Thursday night."It's such a great feeling, just an amazing way to cap off my collegiate career," Wilson said."My heart was pounding before she announced the pick."The 6-foot-5 star admitted she has only been there once, but already knows the Nevada city slogan."What happens in Sin City stays in Sin City," Wilson said laughing.