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"How I do no work in Haiti [under his nonprofit Artists for Peace and Justice] or anything else.

They boast all the great work they do in Haiti and how I do it for photo-ops or something.

Haggis denied the original rape allegation in an extortion lawsuit filed against the original woman, and said she and her lawyer had demanded a million payment to avoid legal action.

His attorney said of the new allegations: "He didn't rape anybody." (The women denied any connection to Scientology when speaking with the Associated Press.)Remini and Rinder opened their letter by acknowledging that in the current climate, "there is plenty of reason to worry about defending anyone accused of sexual assault." Then they added, "But the fear of consequences for speaking our truth has not held us back in the past and isn’t about to start now."Citing their work with sexual assault victims on and off the show, the pair stated: "We have avoided trial by media."The screenwriter "has devoted his time, skill and money to worthy causes without fanfare for decades," they wrote, calling attention to his championing of women, LGBTQ and human rights: "Like all of us, Paul Haggis is not perfect.

Paul Haggis is a good man who has been a friend to us and so many others.

He has championed the rights of women, the LGBT community and has fought for and devoted himself to the underprivileged in the world.

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Haggis recently appeared on the second season of Remini's acclaimed Scientology series, in a September episode where he further detailed his well publicized church exit and the personal attacks that ensued — a practice that is well explored on the show and something the church denies.His appearance may deceive you as he hasn’t shaved since he was 23 and wears skimpy black gym shorts, but behind that beard, there is mind to sculpture the career of many and giving music industry history to look back.Rick Rubin is a music producer and former co-head of Columbia Records.The names, dates, and minute details of any indiscretions, and even thoughts, are all recorded. It might not be acceptable to your significant other (if you have one), but it certainly isn’t criminal nor worthy of newspaper headlines.It is not a crime to be attracted to women (or men). Only a scientologist can understand the pressure one feels to offer up even the slightest thing that the scientology organization might consider a transgression of THEIR mores. When someone is a declared an “enemy” by scientology, they are fair game.We have supported victims of sexual abuse who have reached out to us and have worked with them and law enforcement to ensure justice is done for both victims and the accused. In this time of heightened awareness of sexual predators, it is easy to remain quiet when an injustice is being perpetrated for fear of being tarred as politically incorrect.But more important to us than being politically correct is standing up for what we believe is right.genre, Genre Roulette can be hard to pull off seriously.Comedies and parodies, on the other hand, usually don't raise any eyebrows when they do this, provided they continue to bring the funny.Unlike a lot of us, he is truly a gentleman."They then explained, "Like those of us who were scientologists, we trusted and confided in our church to seek resolution for our shortcomings.What is different about scientology is the detailed records they maintain of everything you tell them.