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29 Oct

Es können Klassiker sein, Neuerscheinungen oder alles dazwischen.

ab 40) treffen uns einmal im Monat, um über ein Buch zu sprechen, das wir gemeinsam ausgesucht haben.

Presenters might be implicitly criticised by some at this point or defended by others, as though the analysts were extremely fragile.

Clearly, when threats are in the atmosphere, doors get closed as ways of thinking about them, their origin and the alternative ways they might be dealt with, all become hard.

Registration is normally restricted to members of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) and some invited guests and candidates.

Pain in the analytic session, it seems, known or hidden, is experienced in many and varied ways – sometimes apparently paralysing the analytic process and sometimes becoming transformed to be used as an opportunity for progress.On the first Friday afternoon, we will attempt a spontaneous roundtable discussion between the moderators to talk about why we chose this theme and to open up what we think may be crucial about it.We think recognising and differentiating when and how one is in pain and when and how the patient is feeling pain, may be crucial if analysts are to seize any opportunity there may be to transform pain into change.The workshops help to fund travel for the moderators to meet to discuss the workshops and we have been mulling over the issues and experiences.On Saturday afternoon, we will elaborate our thinking on some topics and hope to facilitate discussion in the groups by feeding back some of the core issues relevant to the theme.The workshops last for about ten hours in total and use the CCM method of discussion.The workshops are informed by the ongoing work of the CCM Association moderators for the past fifteen years.Others feel this will obliterate any specific distinction between psychoanalysis and psychotherapies.In the sessions we discuss, taken from our workshops, the psychoanalysts presenting or group members responding to presenters, often seem to feel painfully under threat and obligation, as we have noted before.Presenters are often surprised at any doubts mentioned in the workshops.Special measures they had taken had often not been mentioned to the moderator ahead of the workshop.