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26 Nov

I grabbed my cell phone, but it wasn’t making the noise.

1 by Rachael I awoke in the night to a high-pitched beeping sound that I didn’t recognize.

I took a deep breath and dashed in through the open sliding glass door that I apparently had come out of.

It was comfortable on the floor with Mom on top of me.

Mom went about cleaning up after all the people who had been clomping around our house. “Yeah, that’s what I figured.” “I have such a smart boy.” She hugged me tighter.

I ended up extracting some kind of butt plug from my mom’s ass. He said he was glad we were okay, but he didn’t really seem all that concerned. I had tried not to look, but those nipples of hers. My tongue worked in my mouth as that thought occurred to me. As uncomfortable as the conversation was, it felt nice having her lie with me the way she was. I tried not to think about how my mom was dressed the way she was because she was showing off to some strange guy online. I could have sucked on one of those alluring nipples. It sounded like she was still pretty wet when I pulled that thing out. I had lost the battle and was sporting a full hard-on.

If the carbon monoxide didn’t kill her, then she’d die of embarrassment if the police or EMTs saw her like this. She looked beautiful in the soft light of the moon. Next, I unclipped the things attached to her nipples. Reaching around behind her neck, I found the buckle and undid the collar. It was harmless at first, but then one of them started giving me these little dares. “All right, if we’re not going to talk about my sex life, then let’s talk about yours.” “I think that gas did something to you, Mom. ” “You’re holding onto it right now.” Why the fuck couldn’t I keep my mouth shut? “So, a lot like mine then.” She propped herself up on one elbow and looked at me.

I was scared for her, but I couldn’t get over what she was wearing. “I made some friends online not long after your father and I split up. You were so excited the time your hand was finally bigger than mine. You were all grown up.” She laced her fingers with mine and squeezed. You’ve become a man.” “I’m not even eighteen yet.” “Age isn’t what makes you a man.” There was more, but she left it unsaid.