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Kasingye, the police spokesman, told Al Jazeera that he was "99 percent certain that there is no organisation with a political or economic agenda" behind the killings, and that the rumours have taken hold because "people in this area support the opposition, and this rumour works for them".Jude Kagoro, a researcher based in Germany, has spent more than a decade studying Ugandan security services and police.Several more - put that number at at least 10 women - some of whom remain unidentified, were found in banana gardens and cassava fields in the following weeks.In early June, the murders had spread to Katabi Town, in Entebbe district, where Harriet lived with her family."I think it's political." Bakitte, a member of the Democratic Party, thinks that the government might be organising the killings in an attempt to discredit the opposition.

"I hoped that maybe she had slept at her sister's place, but when we went to look, she wasn't there," said Noah, "so we started searching all the hospitals".

By May 30, three more women had been found, all killed and dumped in a similar way.

Of those four bodies, only one was identified - Nampijja Juliet, a mother of two who lived in the area.

At first, Kale Kayihura, an inspector general, blamed domestic violence.

Later, he blamed unemployment, drug abuse and criminal gangs.