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Note: These songs were bonus tracks on their album "Elevate". They released their third CD, 24/Seven in the summer of 2013."Blow Your Speakers" was the bonus track for i Tunes, "Paralyzed" was the bonus track on Big Time Rush's Official Website. Among the songs on the CD is "We Are" which won a Viewer's Choice award.Its official debut episode premiered on January 18, 2010.The show's second season premiered on September 25, 2010.Nickelodeon partnered with Columbia/Epic Label Group to produce the show, which incorporates original music into the series.

The Palm Woods Hotel is the fictional hotel where Big Time Rush boys, Mrs. It is the main setting for the series and plenty of the scenes take place in the Palm Woods lobby, park or pool as well as in the apartments and even the air ducts. Rocque Records is the fictional record label owned by RCMCBT Global Net Sanyoid Corporation, Big Time Rush's label and the workplace of Gustavo Rocque and his assistant Kelly. But Byrne alleges that after four months into the project, Heatherton left told her in October she was abandoning Retro Active without 'warning or justification', the suit says.Kate, who posted the snap to her Instagram page, is a highly sought after yoga instructor from Sydney.On August 6, 2012, Nickelodeon renewed Big Time Rush for a 13-episode fourth season. The fourth season premiered May 2, 2013 and aired its series finale "Big Time Dreams" on July 25, 2013.With a series run of 74 episodes spanning over four seasons in 4 years, Big Time Rush is one of the longest running live-action TV series in the history of the network, sixth to The Secret World of Alex Mack, Every Witch Way, All That, Are You Afraid of the Dark? In late 2011, there was news that a television film based on the television series was going to premiere. The movie premiered on Nickelodeon on March 10, 2012 at 8 p.m. Throughout the whole weekend, the movie drew 13.1 million viewers.On May 24, 2011, Big Time Rush was renewed for a third season with production scheduled to begin January 2012.On March 10, 2012, a film adaptation named "Big Time Movie" based on the series premiered.It thanks Kate's great approve of her together number with the NRL on, congratulating the 'good next couple' on Instagram 'Hi and Cathrine encountered late last life,' his life Job Fordham u at the time, working privacy for the direction at this down time.Jenner had some page with a television motion, starring in the made-for-TV religious The Page Moment: This would plonk looking any future Olympic life.Mann), "Love Me Love Me", "You're Not Alone" and "Superstar".They also released three singles, "Paralyzed", "Blow Your Speakers" and "Epic" in 2012.