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27 Nov

The panel loved how she switched it up at the piano and gave across-the-board praise, with Cowell saying the song choice was sensational and the vocal incredible, even as he faulted the distracting backing vocalist and warned Bo Sox not to stray too far from the signature style that has gotten her so far in the competition.

Kara was left wondering if the singer/songwriter has lost her way and confused the audience.In a shocker, Simon called it Casey's strongest week to date and said he was feeling the authentic vibe.In his continuing tradition of covering songs by women, Michael Lynche chose the relatively obscure "Ready for Love" by India. As he crooned the song, Usher noted how much women love a man who can play a guitar and sing but reminded Mike to make sure he's playing to the whole audience."Unbelievable," Randy gushed, a sentiment Kara backed up, saying Dewyze completely made the song his own."This was the night your life may have changed forever," Simon added.The "American Idol" top 10 had help from Usher on Tuesday night (March 30), when the theme was soul and R&B songs.The "Papers" singer provided some of the most precise, helpful advice in "Idol" mentor history, helping the finalists mold their onstage personas and giving crucial tips on reaching the audience that resulted in strong performances from Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze and Michael Lynche and a comeback of sorts from Andrew Garcia.Katie Stevens chewed off a major one with Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools," sassing up the tune with a growling lower register and strutting across the stage while bobbing her head from side to side and snapping her fingers.Ellen wished for a more contemporary, younger song.Last week, Simon called him "silly." This week, he said the song choice was so wrong it was like "a mouse picking a fight with an elephant." Randy called it pedestrian and flat, even if it was "mostly" in tune, and Dio Guardi said he sucked all the soul out.As Urban laughed at the harsh critiques, Cowell threw up his hands, seemingly frustrated that Urban's voters would likely keep him in the competition no matter what.