Are romeo and lisa maffia dating

02 Nov

I was juggling doing a gig on a Saturday night, working in the off-license and looking after Chelsea in the week.

It got to the point where people were starting to come into the shop and recognise me – my pocket wasn’t deepening yet, but my fame was heightening. ”Lisa made the decision to leave the off-license and relocate to nearby Forest Hill in a bid to separate her real life from the fame – only for the group’s fan base to grow stronger than ever.

I had the typical haters and wanted to respond to them by saying 'but I won't hesitate'.

The studio was absolutely packed with 20 members from So Solid waiting to record their vocals - I was so shy about having to record in front of everyone that I ended up going last."Lisa wasn’t the only one who got a turn at the microphone, either: "My daughter Chelsea is the baby that laughs at the beginning of ’21 Seconds’! ”As for the hype surrounding the track after its release? There was no plan, we were just doing what we loved to do, and that was making great music.

The boys were already MC-ing and hosting events long before I touched a mic on a stage.

But after our first record was a success, I was going on stage and being introduced by my own name; people were screaming for me.”So Solid Crew mania was growing and '21 Seconds’ hadn’t even been released yet – until the summer of 2001.“I had no idea what So Solid Crew would become” says Lisa.

We knew we had all the eyes on us, but the unknown made it exciting." That’s when things really changed for Lisa.

“Being the only girl did mean I was put on a pedestal by the boys - they really pushed me to the front, and they treated me like a 24 carat diamond.They gave me the courage and confidence to become an artist when it didn’t come naturally to me.They knew that, too - I was always in tracksuits and never wore heels or skirts; I was such a tomboy.”In the years that followed So Solid’s rise to fame, not everyone put their energies into business ventures and several members made the front page of the tabloids.In October 2005, Carl Morgan was sentenced to 30 years for the murder of 24-year-old Colin Scarlett, the partner of his ex-girlfriend. I was affiliated with the wrong people, in the wrong place at the wrong time.And I wore 2-inch kitten heels that I could not walk in.That was my first esver exposure to being the real ‘Lisa Maffia’. They looked after me.”'21 Seconds' was so big, in fact, that solo contract offers for Lisa quickly piled up, until, eventually, there was so much money on the table that she just couldn’t refuse.“After the success of ’21 Seconds’, the labels were piling in to sign me.Now I understand, though – I was the only girl, I was very commercial. I just couldn’t turn that down.” But three years later, at the age of 26, Lisa lost her deal. That’s when Lisa decided to go into business and open her own agency, booking gigs for other artists.It made sense for them to snap me up, it was the next move for So Solid Crew. “I tried to become a bit more business savvy and set up my own agency, UC BOOKINGS.I hadn’t considered being a popstar, but I sang the lyrics and recorded the vocals anyway, and didn’t think much of it.” That track went on to become So Solid Crew’s first single, ‘Oh No (That’s The Word)’, after a chance performance from the group in Cyprus led to them being approached by a record label.“After I did the vocals, some of the So Solid boys went to Aiya Napa and played the track, and Glyn Aikins, who’s now responsible for A&R at Virgin Records, heard it.He was part of Relentless Records at the time, loved the record and told the boys, ‘When you get back to England, make sure you give us a call. “From there, I was pretty much catapulted into fame and success instantly.