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16 Jan

[Read: Body language moves to appear more confident] #7 Attack the idea, not the person.

When arguments happen, it is easy for a discussion to devolve into name-calling if the people involved get emotional.

However, even if you disagree with an idea, you must maintain your dignity and uphold a superior intellectual position by arguing against the idea – not the person.

An attack on the person *called an Ad Hominem* is a poor form of argument and does not solve anything at all. This is a huge part of learning how to stand up for yourself.

Put in the facts and use appropriate language to match their understanding.

Once you’ve laid down the facts of your viewpoint, it is time to work through their mind and make them join your side.

They will learn that you are not one who can be easily swayed by mere intimidation or peer pressure, and so they will likely consider your point of view. Once you stand up against adversity, it gives you a different perspective about yourself and your personality.

This also develops leadership qualities, public speaking, and improves decision making skills. Asking a bully to stop, disagreeing to a pushy boss, and asserting what you want, is merely tipping the scales into your favor as it should have been in the first place.

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Even if the person devolves into overt harassment, gossip, or verbal and physical threats, you should always maintain your composure and dignity against all these odds.If their reaction is becoming a clear and present danger to your life or well-being, escalate the matter to a person of higher authority who can help you deal with them.Never stoop to their level and use the same tactics they’re using.Sometimes, you’ll try to argue back but they will suppress you with irrelevant arguments that you’ll just give in to in order to end the discussion.However, there is a way to turn the argument into your favor.The trick is to use rhetoric that appeals to their empathy to make them embrace your idea as their own.[Read: Tips to fall in love with yourself and be a better YOU] #4 Be mindful of your physical appearance.But once you’ve learned to make your first firm stand against someone, you’ll realize that being assertive is liberating and life-changing. The first question from someone who’s used to getting pushed over is, “why bother?” Why, indeed, if you’ve managed to survive this long with letting others walk over you? If you are one who is known to have a firm stand on something, people will recognize you as someone to respect.Always adopting the Gandhi stance on situations won’t help you live a normal life and won’t help those people change their behavior.The only way is to plant your feet on the ground and start standing up for yourself. Standing up for yourself can be quite a challenge if you’re used to letting others get their way at your expense.