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27 Jan

For your letter when used as a merge document, insert a DATE field. Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.I'm drawing up a roster which is based on a 28 day cycle with a separate page for each day. For the first field in that example, you'll need to change the coding to: For the second field, you'll need to replace the four 'DATE' strings with 'Start Date'.The header for each page is identical except that the date for each day is obviously different. The remaining fields can be used as they are - though you might want to change the date formatting on all the fields.Now when I open any document I previously saved in the original Template, the date field updates to the current date.Even if I try to manually change it, it nonetheless reverts back to the current day.Is there any way to have Word automatically & sequentially date each page relative to the date in the first page header? Note: The field brace pairs (ie '') for the above example are created via Ctrl-F9 - you can't simply type them or copy & paste them from this message., which explains that it’s Word’s Auto Complete feature, and cannot be turned off. As it turns out, there actually is a way to turn this off in Word 2007, the statement to the contrary in that article notwithstanding.

New documents created from the template will always show the date they were created.I always remember to type in the recipient's name, address, and of course the body of the letter. I print out the letter and - if I'm lucky - I discover that it has an old date on it.If I'm not lucky, the recipient gets mailed a letter with last month's date on it."Automatically update" was activated when I created the Template.I have since edited the Template and unactivated the auto update option.If you run the following macro, date Auto Complete should no longer occur: The problem was that Auto Text autocomplete was causing problems in the Office 2007 beta because of the way Building Blocks were implemented. In Word 2003 and earlier, the autocomplete checkbox control both dates AND Auto Text.In Word 2007, they disabled autocomplete for Auto Text, but left it enabled for Dates.Pick the specific date format you want, and make sure you click on the checkbox at the bottom that says Update Automatically. The only caveat is this: if you want to make sure you know when you saved a particular document, I suggest saving the document with the date in the filename because then next time you open up that document, the date will get updated.For example: you send someone a letter on November 1st, 2004 and save it.How do I stop the date from updating when opening documents saved under the old Template?I have a specific letter template that I like to use when I'm creating business correspondence.