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30 Sep

To run the slideshow, I used an image viewer called "feh". To actually install feh, type "sudo apt-get install feh" in the terminal window of the pi and hit ENTER.

This should automatically download the library and install it in the proper location (if you are connected to the internet).

This will make the monitor a little smaller and easier to fit into a frame.

As is, there isn't a good place to put the Raspberry Pi.

I wanted the Raspberry Pi to periodically check the Flickr album for updates, so I edited the crontab (internal timing script) to run the main python script every minute.Once you do that, you also need to get an API code in order to run their API on your devices.Go here and follow their instructions for a non-commercial code.I would also recommend setting up SSH so you can access the Pi without taking apart your picture frame.The Raspberry Pi is essentially running a full-screen slideshow and updating the folder it pulls the photos from.I wanted to reduce the thickness of the frame as much as possible so I decided to hide the Pi inside of the TV.The TV is held together with a bunch of screws, so simply unscrew them.Materials: Since there are already plenty of good guides for setting up a Raspberry Pi, I won't go into the details here.I followed this instructable, and made sure that I had auto-login working (wifi doesn't work well with my network, so I ended up plugging in to ethernet since I had the power cables showing anyway).On the other hand, if the folder is bigger than the album, it figures out which photo doesn't have a match on Flickr and deletes it.If the code modifies the folder it restarts the slideshow so the changes can take effect.