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Orders were received in late December, and the first troops left Waco on 2 January 1918 for the New York Port of Embarkation at Hoboken, New Jersey.

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War Department inspectors found the division more advanced in its training than any other division in the United States.

On 26 August 1917, Major General James Parker assumed command. Once at Camp Mac Arthur, the division was resupplied for their overseas assignment.

General Parker had previously been awarded the Medal of Honor during the Philippine–American War. Shortly before the division left for France, 4,000 National Army troops from Wisconsin and Michigan were transferred to the division. Briggs returned to Camp Mac Arthur to assist with training.

Wisconsin furnished approximately 15,000 men, and another 8,000 troops came from Michigan.

The division was made up of the 125th and 126th Infantry Regiments (63rd Infantry Brigade) and the 127th and 128th Infantry Regiments (64th Infantry Brigade), as well as three artillery regiments within the 57th Field Artillery Brigade. When General Parker returned in December, he was almost immediately transferred to the 85th Infantry Division at Camp Custer, Michigan. In keeping with the 1917 Army Tables of Organizations, he reorganized the division during September to increase the number of men in each regiment.