B2b speed dating

01 Feb

Cons: The platform slowed down quite a bit towards the end of the event, but I don't know if this is on my end or because of the platform itself.

Comments: We have been using converve for several years for our marketing cooperation-speeddating event Co-Brands and have found it to be an excellent product.

The good back-end and other useful features (out of the box) make administration and user experience a good one.

The team has been, and continues to be, a great support resource. Comments: We had a great experience working with Converve as our conference appointment scheduling software provider for our annual convention.

We had a short time frame and although things were moving around at a crazy pace on our end Converve was prompt on the execution of our needs and delivered top notch customer service.

Cons: The possibility of having a template that you can apply to the same type of events during the year is missing.

As of now, I need to spend a lot of time to fine tune the settings every time I would like to launch the new event.