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Barak's authoritative statement on BBC World was meant to provide a plausible explanation while the American population was in a vulnerable state of "shock and awe."On September 11, 2001, reading from a Zionist script, President George W.Bush began by saying that, "our way of life" and "our very freedom" was under attack.The false-flag terror attacks of 9/11 and the fraudulent War on Terror are two parts of an Israeli dual-deception.

He lost the images he had shot, admittedly that’s suspicious, but could also be explained so many reasonable different ways.Local reporter Richard Gutjahr described the scene at the shopping center as something "out of a bad movie," with the shopping center completely surrounded by police, a helicopter overhead, and police carrying semi-automatic rifles.Gutjahr was not able to confirm reports of deaths or injuries. Einat Wilf, is also an Israeli politician and served as a Foreign Policy Advisor to Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres.In what must be one of the most uncanny coincidences in the history of terrorism, a German journalist named Richard Gutjahr was present at two recent terror attacks in Europe, and posted photos of both attacks on-line.What is even more unsettling is the fact that Gutjahr is married to a high-level Israeli intelligence officer, Einat Wilf, a l Unit 8200 is Israel's equivalent of the NSA, an agency that specializes in signal intelligence.The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 gave Israeli military intelligence the perfect opportunity to create a cadre of anti-Western Islamic “terrorists”, which would become the "enemy" in the War on Terror. in Lebanon) and Israeli training to the Hezb-i-Islami Charlie Wilson’s Israeli handler was Zvi Rafiah, Mossad station chief in Washington, who had known Wilson since 1973 and who used his congressional office as if it were his own: “Rafiah had always acted as if he owned Wilson’s office. and the Israelis choose to arm the most radical and virulently anti-Western group of The lion’s share of weaponry went to the anti-Western Hezb-i-Islami run by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.Charlie Wilson, an extremely pro-Israel Congressman from Texas, acted as an Israeli weapons dealer in brokering an arrangement with Pakistani leader Mohammed Zia ul-Haq and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to provide Israeli weapons (captured from the P. One of the staffers kept a list of people he needed to lobby. "By the most conservative estimates, 0 million" in American aid went to Hekmatyar's party, which "had the dubious distinction of never winning a significant battle during the war, training a variety of militant Islamists from around the world, killing significant numbers of Israeli military intelligence provided Gulbuddin’s Hezb-i-Islami with weapons and trained at least 4,000 men in the anti-Western militia. The Hebrew-speaking Ali Mohamed runs like a red thread connecting all al Qaeda terrorist activities during the 1990s.The question about Gutjahr's presence at both recent terror events in Europe being a coincidence or something else has been raised in the German media in articles such as The Israeli media is working to downplay the significance of Gutjahr's presence at both terror events, even suggesting that he was not at the scene in Munich because his photos have been deleted from his Twitter account.This is how the Now it gets complicated: after shooting the truck massacre in Nice more than two weeks ago, journalist Richard Gutjahr was also present during the police operation at the Olympia shopping center in Munich and tweeted pictures from the incident.Having trained a cadre of 4,000 anti-Western Islamic fighters, Israeli military intelligence and C. I taught my trainees how to create cell structures that could be used for operations.” Ali Mohamed seems to have been the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks attibuted to al Qaeda. Saying that the world would never be the same, Barak ended by saying that it was now time for the U. to start an "operational, concrete war against terror." Barak's early analysis became the accepted version and conventional wisdom after 9/11.For example, while bin Laden and Ali Mohamed reportedly worked closely to create cells in Tanzania and Kenya to help prepare for the bombings of the embassies, Ali went to Nairobi to set up the terrorist cell. Using its al Qaida database, the Israelis engineered the false-flag terrorist attacks of 9/11 to be blamed on Osama bin Laden and al Qaida in order to kick-start their long-planned War on Terrorism.