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27 Oct

Most of these ranges formed during a geologic event, the Laramide orogeny, between 70 and 40 million years ago.

The Oregon, California and Mormon trails merged to become essentially one road along the North Platte and Sweetwater to South Pass. The Overland Trail also traversed the North Platte River Basin, coming north from what’s now Colorado paralleling modern U. Highway 287, briefly following the Laramie River and then swinging west around the north end of the Medicine Bow Range, crossing the North Platte River north of Saratoga and leaving the North Platte Basin at Bridger Pass, before continuing west to Fort Bridger in southwest Wyoming, where it joined the Oregon-California-Mormon Trail.

Their warlike reputation was only enhanced when they acquired horses around 1700 A. Only smallpox and firearms in the hands of their enemies diminished their power.

By the early 1800s, the Crow and Arapaho tribes pressured the Shoshone enough that they began retreating to what are now western Wyoming, eastern Idaho and southern Montana.

Quick Description: More than 15,000 years ago the largest and most powerful scientifically documented freshwater flood to occur on earth happened in the Pacific Northwest.

The floodwaters, moving up to 60 mph, created the largest waterfall to ever exist--Dry Falls.