Bay ca dating north

24 Feb

So don’t make stereotypical or racist comments in public — like saying that Mexican immigrants are taking our jobs — if you don’t want a very, very stern lecture.

Also, do yourself a favor and keep mum if you don’t like our multi-lingual signage. But those who do are very passionate about their books.

Places like City Lights, Diesel, Book Passage, and Dog Eared Books are still going strong without having sold out.

So if you’re in Nor Cal and you happen to be a bibliophile, go to one of these independent book dealers.

#cawx We are continuing to monitor some #Monsoon moisture streaming in from the south and possible thunderstorms for parts of the #Bay Area through Friday.

Check out this sounding from Vandenberg AFB to our south.

#Ferguson Fire @Cal_Fire (GOES-17 data is preliminary, non-operational). ONHDKJ #GOES17 shares some first #wildfire imagery from the satellite of the deadly fire burning over 12,000 acres near #Yosemite.Call us territorial or proud, but that’s how it is.Sure, LA has Hollywood, UCLA, and celebrities, but it also has a shit-ton of traffic and fake people.Going to the pulga on the weekend is a family ritual, where you can eat some mango con chile, a snow cone, and possibly score a vintage wine rack.The community in Northern California is highly multi-cultural.#cawx Vz AZyaf Ls In 2017, massive landslide buried 1/4 mile of #Big Sur Highway 1 in #California. Time-lapse animation produced with @Caltrans D5 shows what happened & progress during construction, road opens today. Portions of the Greater #Bay Area will top 100° tomorrow (Wed).Details: Gsnfzh Hy Great use of composite 🛰️imagery from #GOESEast Easy way to analyze different cloud types. Be sure to: Drink lots of water 💦🥤 Take care of the elderly & young 👩‍🦳🧓& 👶 Keep those pets cool 🐶🐱🐮 Find a cool place during the hottest part of the day ☀️ Wear sunscreen if outside #World Emoji Day #cawx Xc BRB The quiet period in the eastern Pacific could be ending with the emergence of a few tropical cyclone candidates during the next 5 days.Finish your trip in one of the world’s great cities.For a novel way to visit “the City by the Bay” park your car and explore San Francisco by foot, bike, and unique public transportation. If you come into our neighborhood with So Cal plastered all over your car, be ready for problems.Yes, there is rivalry between Nor Cal and So Cal in a major way.