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14 Oct

It doesn't pay to get too sentimental - royalty are always awarding themselves new titles, and the many medals on Prince Charles' military uniform were not won with gallantry, but through pride. Given the damage inflicted by the Luftwaffe, borough councils and rapacious property developers, it's not at all rare for visitors to spend a day in London looking at a series of carparks and office buildings described as "the site where once...", it's no joy to be told that on " on this very place..." something happened, whilst there's no trace for the modern visitor.

We try to ensure that you see real history, not virtual history.

A wharf was added in the next century - much of this original architecture still exists.

James I used Hampton Court for its excellent hunting in the park. For more on that matter read the well-written but smutty poetry of Rochester.

As the Tudors and Plantagenets fought over control of the country, several nasty little incidents took place here eg. By the way don't trust Shakespeare on the subject - he was writing for the dynasty which replaced the Gloucester regime.

Richard III was no saint, but the image of a hunchbacked villan was added much later - in the way Stalin vilified Trotsky.

For big outdoor ceremonials attending the rehearsal can be better than the real thing!

London has its fair share of Royal Palaces - with a large Royal Family, and intense rivalry between dynasties, the number of separate buildings, and additions to older Palaces has meant that the variety of architecture is staggering.