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04 Dec

By participating in the plan you may actually be able to participate in very low expense ratio funds you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. 1) In my opinion, yes it is a bad idea to leave your 401k at your old job.Some employers also pay all theadministrative costs of the plan. More than likely you will get better results by rolling it over to an IRA and working with a financial advisor. 3) Probably not but again, I don't think this is your best option.In addition, you should seek some personalized financial counseling to get your best answer. There is a little used section of the Internal Revenue, Code 72t, that allows withdrawals from a retirement account at ages 55 and 59 1/2 while avoiding the onerous 10% early withdrawal penalty.This provision can be used from company 401(k) plans and 403B plans, but does not apply to SEP IRA's...Your timing may depend on whether you choose to assess the merits of your new retirement plan.Moving your 401(k) to another qualified plan, such as another 401(k) offered by a new employer may be beneficial, but you may want to evaluate your investment alternatives and other features first.

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We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism."One of the biggest issues for this demographic is they have four or five small accounts, and so it doesn't seem like a lot of money to them." In fact, Lewis says that he recently met with a young married couple who each had multiple old 401(k)s, with roughly ,000, ,000, ,000 and ,000 in them respectively.Rather than figuring out a way to consolidate those accounts, the couple instead decided to cash them out.By Paul Menchaca NEW YORK (Main Street) --For professionals in their 30s, a decade-plus spent in the workforce not only means that they've held a number of different jobs at different companies but also that they've held multiple 401(k)s spread across their former employers.But all too often, people have not taken the steps to consolidate these stray pension plan accounts.One problem is often forgetting about it and your family having trouble finding it or knowing it exists.So make sure you have good documentation to prevent this from being a problem. If you can answer that question with logic - then it might be a good idea.As far as rolling your funds into your new 401k, this is an option; however, it might make sense to...The best choice can really vary depending on the specifics of your circumstances.Maybe the offerings with the new employer are not very strong.You could also move [rollover] the assets to a traditional IRA—which would generally allow more investment alternatives to choose from. Most 401ks have a minimum that they kick out, otherwise you can leave it.