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30 Sep

The Todd is portrayed by Robert Maschio and appears in 126 episodes of Scrubs over all nine seasons, more than any other supporting character.He is first seen in the pilot "My First Day" and is last seen in the series finale "Our Thanks".Despite his jock-like disposition, he is known to be a talented and knowledgeable surgeon.

The Todd is currently still working as a surgeon, but at New Sacred Heart Hospital since the old one got demolished. However, sometimes The Todd checks out the men around Sacred Heart. D.'s fantasies, he admits to having a threesome, and "not the cool kind" indicating it was with two men and a woman.

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He once suggested an attraction to a non-human object. ") It's possible that he is just so sex-obsessed that he has no preference whatsoever, and in a category of his own.

When asked point-blank about his sexuality by the Janitor ("What are you?