Black girl dating a white guy in usa

20 Dec

That’s 0 per month that could have gone to expenses like these payments. I, like so many other educated black women, am a financial liability.

Not only did I leave college with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, but I have struggled for years to find full-time work, despite sending out resume after resume. Black women are twice as likely to be unemployed, compared to white women, according to the Bureau of Labor.

Marriage , usually because their income combined with their spouse’s disqualifies them for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

This disqualification could cost us as much as ,000 come tax time.

We then have the hardest time paying these loans back, thanks to persistent gender and racial wage gaps: In 2016, the median weekly earning for white women was 6, for black women it was just 1.

Women hold the lion’s share (read: two-thirds) of this country’s student debt.

What’s more, black women leave college with more debt than women of any other race.

I shrugged and stared at my plate, trying to avoid eye contact. Men were more interested in getting a drink and going back to my place than they were in my name, let alone my hobbies or passions.

I blamed all my bad dates on the city’s commitment-phobic dating scene. Female friends all over the country are having difficulties finding a partner worth marrying, especially if they’re black.