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After several awkward encounters (thanks to Mordecai), they finally manage to have a normal conversation with both acknowledging that they had some good times.This leads to a montage of memories, ending with a kiss on a roller coaster.John (cousin) Frank Smith (father) Denise Smith (mother) Ricky (cousin) Tommy (cousin) Marcie (cousin) Robby (cousin) Ronnie (cousin) Susie (cousin) Stacey (cousin) Uncle Tim (uncle) Uncle Dave (uncle) Uncle Bill (uncle) Aunt Theresa (aunt) Aunt Kathleen (aunt) Aunt Mary Beth (aunt) Nana Smith (Grandma) Grandpappy Jack (Grandpa) Mordecai (Ex-Boyfriend) Angel "(Ex-Boyfriend)" Slasher "(Ex-Boyfriend)" Margaret Smith is a recurring character in Regular Show.She worked at the Coffee Shop with Eileen for the first four seasons until she transferred colleges, got her journalism degree, and became a news woman shortly before Eileen Flat Screen in Season Six.

Margaret only appeared to see him as just a friend, although her feelings toward him were hinted in a few earlier episodes, and the two spend more time together in Season Three, in episodes such as Camping Can Be Cool and Death Bear, in the latter episode the two looked as if they were about to kiss before being interrupted by Death Bear's appearance.

Mordecai explains that he doesn't have feelings for her anymore, but also admits that he still thinks of her sometimes.

He also explains that he doesn't miss her, but in a way he does.

She then declines his offer, crying and leaving Mordecai heartbroken.

After the events, Mordecai informs Rigby that he drove her to the airport, ending the episode.