Blind dating soundtrack song list

23 Jan

The album was re-released in stores worldwide in October 2006. Tunstall's second album, Drastic Fantastic, premiered on 3 September 2007 in Scotland, followed a week later on 10 September 2007 with the London release for Britain and 18 September 2007, in the US. She also discusses various issues concerning our culture of consumption and greed, our relation to the earth and the importance of indigenous rights in the world today.

Tunstall's North American break came when American Idol contestant Katharine Mc Phee contacted her asking to use "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" as her choice for a Billboard-themed week. Tunstall also worked with Suzanne Vega on her 2007 album Beauty & Crime, singing backup on songs "Zephyr and I" and "Frank and Ava".

On 11 February 2010, the Daily Record reported that Tunstall had recorded her new album in Berlin's Hansa Studios.But that doesn't keep the agencies from trying again and again.Apparently this practice "works" often enough in the sense of selling enough of the product to make the practice economically sustainable, no matter how artistically objectionable.Tunstall was born to a half-Chinese, half-Scottish mother Carol Ann, who was from Hong Kong, and an Irish father.Her parents met while her mother was working as a dancer in Penthouse bar in Edinburgh, where her father was a bartender. Whenever you listen to it, it brings back a whole lot of good memories, and you end up going through the rest of your day with a smile. Advertising is all about appealing to emotion to make a sale, and few things hold more unalloyed positive emotion than a favorite song.It's not surprising that the advertising industry very quickly seized upon the idea of buying the rights to a song and using it in an ad.She was awarded an honorary doctorate by Royal Holloway in 2011.Her debut album was named Eye to the Telescope - the name was inspired by her childhood experiences at her father's physics laboratory at University of St Andrews.She has also appeared in two episodes of the comedy series This is Jinsy on Sky Atlantic.Tunstall has written soundtracks for films: "Boy" for The Kid, "Miracle" for Winter's Tale, "We Could Be Kings" for Million Dollar Arm, "Float", "Strange Sight" and "1000 Years" for Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Never Beast, "Fit In" for About Ray, and "Bad Moms (Suite)", "Enough is Enough (Suite)", and "Get Your Tits Up (Suite)" for Bad Moms.