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20 Nov

And like finding out your girlfriend has been sleeping around on you behind your back the farang man feels humiliated for being taken for such a fool. Obviously you cannot talk about an entire sex and not have exceptions.His rage is often so out of proportion with the actual damage done that he dismisses all farang women as . There are Thai women who’s mind set is more like the farang women I’ve described and there are farang women who have an outlook more like the Thai women I describe.

For instance, in few farang / farang marriages does the husband earn less than the wife.

Whether that is true or not is not for me to answer but in one way or the other the woman has to bring things back to balance or the relationship simply isn’t going to work. I believe this is why you often see so much hostility directed at farang women by farang men who have been fortunate enough to have a relationship with a Thai woman.

Perhaps she’s much more attractive than her husband. Even if they don’t fully realize it consciously, it dawns on them that they’ve been getting the short end of the stick in most relationships. well, I could list several derogatory terms here but I’ll allow the reader to fill in his/her own. I don’t date them very often nowadays but I don’t hate them. Not for the reasons that most farang women might think but because Thai women tend to try to balance out the relationship.

We were having dinner and when the food arrived she served me and then herself.

When my water glass was half empty (or half full depending on how you look at it) she would fill it.