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05 Jan

We’ve been working hard for you over the last two weeks in the office and around the world. Since last time, we’ve established a ROAR for Good partnership, along with testifying for …

“There have been many hundreds of books for and against Israel but no volume presenting the essential information about its domestic politics, its society, as well as its cultural life and its economy.

The Rubin Fellowship program was founded in 2014 in his memory.

The great thing about being alive and studying the Middle East is that these things happen just about every hour." –Prof.

Barry Rubin For nearly two decades, the Rubin Center’s exclusive frontline reporting has brought you breaking stories, analysis, and research.

There are many links on that post that describe a few different ways to install the vario.

Also, see Nev's page for many examples of which serial port to use on different models, and for a great explanation of how to create a custom xci file. The image below shows a simple installation on the Kobo Glo HD.