Bpd dating narcissist

22 Nov

The idea is that there is, and as I talk in this podcast I want to orient you this way, there is life before the trauma, then there's the trauma and then there's the life after the trauma.

Most trauma includes post-traumatic stress and the post-traumatic stress usually lasts as long as any kind of avoidance behaviors are involved, and so it's really important to know that when there is a severe trauma to our psyche or to our physical body the way that we survive that, most of us, is through avoidance.

I'm not saying that avoidance is a bad thing, temporarily and in fact it is a survival mechanism, it is a way for us to get through something.

If we are being raped, if we are being tortured, if we are being starved to death, if we are in the middle of a battlefield, to be present with our emotions and feel what we're feeling is ill advised.

The next book is called Upside: The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth, it's funny they both have the same tagline.

Then the third book is Supersurvivors, what an amazing title for a book and what an amazing concept, supersurvivors, I love it.

That's not to say that therapy and psychotherapy and even psychiatry isn't necessary in the beginning stages, but to get through the post-traumatic stress I think that's absolutely imperative, but after that work is done I think coaching can really help and the coaching techniques, don't necessarily need a life coach, a psychologist could do these same techniques, to move into the growth stage beyond the stressful part of the trauma.

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One of the books is What Doesn't Kill Us: The New Psychology of Posttraumatic Growth and it's by Stephen Joseph, Ph D.

I wanted to do this episode in honor of those folks who have gone through events that have been incredibly painful and difficult; and at the same time, for those who haven’t experienced great trauma but want to use the techniques we discuss here to help them grow.

Join us for an exploration of the incredible possibilities that can open up for those willing to do the work and become the hero of their story.

The suffering seems less real, what do you have to suffer about?

You have a roof over your head, you have plenty of food, you have clothes, you have children, you're married, you have a job, you have a car, your suffering can't be anywhere near as someone who is starving.