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01 Dec

From there he attended many of the conference events such as the PUA Summit which helped to further spread his name and his training materials.He has built up a small crew of team instructors which have stayed with him including Glenn P. He has collaborated with various companies linked to the seduction community over time. has sought to distance himself from the 'pick up artist' movement and position his organization more as a dating coaching company.- Feeling ok already, starting to go out again, re-reading some of Brad P's stuff that got me laid in the past.- Getting some results (makeouts, first lay after about 10 days).He became well known for his mix of outrageous field reports in clubs and bars and mature advice on the club scene and relationships.Brad became a pick up artist trainer to teach guys how to be successful with women in 2005.And honestly if you're one of the dudes that hates online game, trust my personal experience you're just doing it wrong.

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The metric they tried to use for this was "How many lays students" got.

was in love and a day away from proposing to the woman of his dreams. Emily Maynard (now Emily Maynard Johnson) may not have been Arie's future wife, but he hasn't been able to find a love like hers since.

If you're too douche to read my entire post here's the practical advice in one line: Do online game. Now please read my post 🙂 So yes I'm still around, and actually just came out of a long term relationship just a few months ago, so I'm back in the field again. The gap is so huge it's ridiculous really, no matter how good your real life game is.

I am not looking for a girlfriend at the moment as I just broke up with one, but you're bound to see better conversion with that as well (again I'm getting into that in a moment).

So Brad YET AGAIN gave a radical boost to my game results.