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10 Mar

Difference here is that you can get craft beers, wines and cocktails.

If I were an old fashioned sit-down chippy I’d come into town, get the licence, and employ young good-looking staff. Brewski is good for stoking up before going out on the lash, or for a lunchtime calm down after going out on the lash. It’s not a destination restaurant but then it doesn’t set out to be. All scored reviews are unannounced, impartial, paid for by Confidential and completely independent of any commercial relationship.

One magazine writer from over there describes how it dates back ‘as far as the 1950s’.

For much of North America this is so distant it occurs right after the dinosaurs became extinct. Well, it’s fries covered in cheese curds and gravy costing, originally, nothing dollars and negligible cents.

The beef, chorizo and peppers poutine was tangy and fine.

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Details for the 2018 season haven’t been released yet, but based on past performance, it’s guaranteed to be date-worthy.A rocky road cheesecake at £2.50 redefined sweetness with its levels of sugar but that’s as it should be with this dish.It did raise, however, the philosophical question of why, as you get older, marshmallows lose their appeal.On our Thursday visit Brewski was bubbling enjoyably with lots of diners.A bottle of Pinot Grigio for £18 called Merry Mole was very good for the price.Back in the 1950s, couples would share milkshakes at the local diner.The Milk Shake Factory, located on East Carson Street, allows you to experience that schmaltzy gesture for yourself, complete with classic diner decor and handspun milkshakes in delectable flavors like brownie fudge, chocolate raspberry truffle, and peanut butter pretzel.Art is everywhere in Pittsburgh, from murals in Garfield to installations in Market Square; explore all of it with self-guided tours you and your date can take together, or with more structured tours that feature a knowledgeable guide, like taking it to the river with the North Shore Public Art Kayak tour.Grab your date and up to four friends (triple-date?!Brewski, a popular haunt in Chorlton-So-Trendy, has come into the city centre and occupied the old site of vegetarian restaurant, 1847, which in turn has moved not far away to Chapel Walks.The city centre Brewski has kept the birch tree bits and bobs hanging in the interior, but packed it out with a more cost effective seating arrangement which fits more people in.