Browser not updating certificate

04 Jan

Mozilla applications are regularly updated for security and stability; however, Mozilla does not provide updates for plug-ins.

Plug-ins can cause crashes and hangs and may contain security vulnerabilities.

On Windows, make sure you select the 32-bit JRE since Firefox and Sea Monkey official releases are 32-bit (e.g., select "Windows x86 Offline" for the offline installer linked from Oracle's Java SE Downloads page).

See below for more information on installing or updating Java on Windows.

The Java plugin name shown will depend on your operating system and Java version.

See Manual Installation and Registration of Java Plugin for Linux at for additional information.

The Java Update feature automatically checks for updates at scheduled intervals and notifies you when an update is available so that you can install it.

[32] [33] [34] For Linux installation instructions, see How do I download and install 32-bit Java for Linux Platforms?

or What are the Linux 64-bit installation instructions for Java?