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12 Feb

They reminded me of poetry, and they stayed with me.

Years later, I went to Nepal and stopped briefly in India, where I tried in vain to find them.

I told him I just wanted to know more about these paintings. During the second meeting, after a ritual you can read more about in the book, he told me I had paid my tribute to the goddess Shakti after being in such pain after the accident and that I could carry on with this research.

And at the very end of this meeting, as I was walking out of his house, he said to me with a strange and mysterious smile, “Wait, I forgot to give you something.” Everything began after that—he provided me with the first two addresses of families he knew as little published about it.

In 1984 I took another trip to India but did not find them.

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At some point they evolved into this complex symbolic cosmology of signs.It is always a good sign when artists especially appreciate a particular kind of art, since they seemingly know the field and the history the best.It means perhaps it won’t be very popular—but that’s fine.We don’t really know who began making them, or precisely when, but we can see that every so often—maybe once a century—a new musical “note” or motif appears.Of course, these people don’t consider themselves to be artists.For nearly three decades, the renowned French poet Franck André Jamme has collected these visual communiqués, and it hasn’t been easy: in 1985 he survived a fatal bus accident while traveling to visit Hindu ”) Jamme’s book serves as a corrective to this slant and sheds significant light on the deep historical roots—and fruits—of the practice.Siglio will release a second edition of the book on April 19.They also resonate uncannily with lineages of twentieth-century art—from the Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism to Minimalism—as well as with much painting today.Rarely have the ancient and the modern come together so fluidly.And what effect has this art had your own life and writing?I don’t think it’s had a big influence on my work, because my roots are elsewhere.