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Symptoms are often mild or absent in young children, but the disease becomes more serious with advancing age. Following hepatitis A illness immunity is lifelong.Those at increased risk include travellers visiting friends and relatives, long-stay travellers, and those visiting areas of poor sanitation.Travellers should ideally arrange an appointment with their health professional at least four to six weeks before travel.However, even if time is short, an appointment is still worthwhile.Travellers should thoroughly clean all wounds and seek appropriate medical attention.Typhoid is a bacterial infection transmitted through contaminated food and water.See the individual chapters of the ‘Green Book’ Immunisation against infectious disease for further details.Please read the information below carefully, as certificate requirements may be relevant to certain travellers only.

Information on when these vaccines should be considered can be found by clicking on the arrow. Cholera is a bacterial infection transmitted by contaminated food and water.

Cholera can cause severe watery diarrhoea although mild infections are common. All travellers should take care with personal, food and water hygiene.

This oral vaccine is recommended for those whose activities or medical history put them at increased risk.

Yellow fever (YF) vaccination is generally not recommended in areas where there is low potential for YF virus exposure.

However, vaccination might be considered for a small subset of travelers to these areas who are at increased risk for exposure to YF virus because of prolonged travel, heavy exposure to mosquitoes, or inability to avoid mosquito bites.