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05 Oct

As of that date, 1,500 troops from the 1st Cavalry Division had returned home, with the rest slated to return by April.

The 133rd Engineer Battalion was, accoring to a Feb.

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According to a Feb 18Youngstown Vindicator report, Battery A returned on Feb. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Battery B had reached For Dix on Jan. It also reported that the 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry would return on Feb. The 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry was expected to return within a few days. 14, that most of the 120th Engineer Battalion had returned home to Okmulgee, OK, that day.This deployment had not been previously been noted. 10, that members from the 1st Battalion, 185th Armor would return home on Feb. Other soldiers from the units would follow them within the next couple of weeks. 10, that the 29th Infantry Brigade was in Kuwait and would soon be moving into Iraq, though it would leave behind a battalion for security purposes in Kuwait and Qatar.The report also mentioned that the unit's headquarters would be based at LSA Anaconda.Units affected by the rotation were: the Georgia Army National Guard's 48th Infantry Brigade (Separate), the 172d Stryker Brigade Combat Team, the 1st Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, the 101st Airborne Division, Air Assault (division headquarters and 4 brigades), the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division and the 4th Infantry Division (division headquarters and 4 brigades). 1, that "a request by the Commander of Multi-National Forces-Iraq (MNF(I)) to extend two Army brigades and a Marine Expeditionary Unit operating in Iraq [had been approved].The Secretary also approved the Commander's request for two additional infantry battalions to deploy to Iraq." Affected by the extension order were the Army's 2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, the 2nd Brigade 1st Cavalry Division, the Marine Corps' 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, and the 66th Transportation Company.On March 14, 2005, The London Daily Telegraph reported that on March 7, 2005, Dutch military forces in Iraq handed over command in the province Al Muthanna to the British, thereby officially ending its mission in Iraq. The remaining Ukrainian soldiers are to leave Iraq by mid-October.It also reported that, as of March 14, 2005, only 200 Dutch troops were reported to still be in the province. A contingent of 558 troops, as well as 40 liaison officers, from Georgia deployed on Mar.It also reported that, when deployed, the unit's 3,600 troops would be headquartered out of Balad, but be based out of Baghdad's Green Zone and Camp Victory South. 7, that the 228th Forward Support Battalion had activated on Jan. The units 419 troops would train for 100 days before deploying to Iraq, via Kuwait In June. 6, that 139 troops from the 138th Signal Battalion mobilized the day prior.From previous news reports, it was not clear if the the whole battalion was being mobilized or simply A Company. 5 that the 711th Signal Battalion was expected to return home that month with approximatedly 600 troops after spending a year in Iraq. The article also reported that the 115th Signal Bn had deployed at about the same time to Iraq with about 500 troops and had been based out of Mosul. that the 184th Transportation Command would deploy overseas the following week. 30, 2004, on the return of 100 soldiers that day, from the 25th Infantry Division.Some 200 members of the unit were still in Kuwait but were due to return home within the following three weeks. 12, on the return of Company C of the 216th Engineer BN while the Chillicothe Gazette reported on Feb.20 that the other companies from the Battalion had also returned home. 11, that two battalions from the 82nd Airborne Division, namely the 2nd BN, 325th Airborne Infantry and the 3rd BN, 325th Airborne Infantry, deployed in support of the Jan.